Trial Participants are welcome anytime! Girls are, of course, very welcome. If you have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ages for each scout group
Beaver Scout ColonyAge6-8
Cub Scout PackAge8-11
Scout TroopAge11-15
Venture Scout UnitAge15-18
Rover Scout CrewAge18-25
Q & A
What is Boy Scouts?The aim of scouting is universal – to help young people to become responsible humanitarian citizens who can appreciate and practice loyalty, courage and self-respect in an international perspective.(40 million members in 170 countries)
Girls are also most very welcome as members.
What is the structure of educational aspects in Boy Scouts?Scout activities provide fun-filled, challenging, outdoor focused programs with an emphasis on developing each youth member‘s character, health, abilities, and sense of service to others and responsibilities. Scouts consists of 5 age based groups which are then subdivided into teams.
How often are the activities taking place?2 to 3 times per month in general. Cub scout and above group have Spring and Summer Camp.
Who are the leaders?Parents/Guardians of scouts and alumni of scouts become the leaders after the completion of leader training. Also, other adults who enjoy scouting activities can also become leaders by reserving the time in their perhaps busy schedule.
What is the fee to be a scout?A Humbleness is the principal of scouts and we strive to keep scouting affordable . At Minato group No.12, registration fee for new members (one time fee) is JPY 5,000, and a scout support fee (annual fee including insurance fee, to be paid at once or 3 times installment) is JPY 30,000. There is a separate fee for camping. All leaders are non-paid volunteers.
How much do parents/guardians help the activities?Motto of Minato No.12 is “Children and parents/guardians are growing up together”, and we request your help according to your availability as much as possible. We believe helping the scout activities is a good opportunity to expand the community among the parents/guardians.
Do we need to live in Shirogane or Azabu area of Minato-ku to be a scout me?No. Children are participating from other areas or outside of Minato-ku.
Are we participate as trial basis before the official registration?Yes. All groups of scouts welcome the trial participation anytime. We encourage the trial participation to understand the activities before the actual registration.
Voice of parents/guardians

My son was not able to mingle to the other children in this area when we first moved to this community. However, after he joied Minato Group No.12, he wakes up cheerful on the day of scout, leaves the house joyfully, comes home being satisfied. I want my son to be strong by experiencing the various scout’s activities.

– Quoted from “Nenrin” No.298, Mother of Age 9 –

My son is not good at expressing himself and acting relatively slow, but has to complete the thing himself to feel the achievement. With small nerve and voice, I was worried if he could get along with the other children in a new group. However, the leaders of Minato Group No.12 pace with my son looking at him closely without rushing him, and support him to finish by himself. I would like to thank all of the leaders/supporters of Minato Group No.12.”

– Quoted from “Nebrin” No.299, Mother of Age 8 –